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  Trace Heating:


Designers, suppliers and installers of Raychem "Chemelex" Autotrace surface heating products and other tapes. Kemwell have been in the business of designing and installing electric trace heating systems since 1985. Trace Heating, or Electric Surface Heating as it is now more generally known, can be described as the application of heat to the external surface of a pipe, vessel or hopper, to either maintain a specific temperature or prevent the freezing of a liquid, product or substance.

The prime function of trace heating is to compensate for the heat lost through the thermal insulation from the warmer process to the cooler ambient air.  It will be seen from this that the subsequent thermal insulation of any electric surface heating installation is a vital part of the
complete system. 

Electric surface heating is used for frost protection, (winterisation), temperature maintenance or condensation prevention on pipework, instrument lines, vessels, tanks, hoppers and silos.

"Our clients benefit by having any or all of the following Kemwell services from a single source".

The Kemwell Package includes:

Design of trace heating systems

Selection of the most suitable trace heating products

Installation of the trace heating system by Kemwell personnel

Design and supply of the control panel(s)

Installation of the associated thermal insulation and cladding by the Kemwell Thermal

Insulation Division


"This guarantees a truely compatible system designed as a complete working unit".


In 1985 KEMWELL became a registered and approved designer and installer of the Raychem “Chemelex” Autotrace self regulating electric trace heating systems for both the industrial and construction markets.  We also use other tapes to suit client requirements. Installations are carried out using Raychem self-regulating trace heating tapes. Alternatively, for specific problems such as extremely high temperature maintenance or withstand situations, fixed resistance heating tapes and cables may be installed.

Mineral insulated heating cables are used where high power loadings or high temperatures, (up to 600oC) are required and are also used for road and ramp heating applications. The Raychem “Chemelex” self-regulating trace heating tapes have the built-in safety factor of a known maximum temperature allied to the most economical running cost, ease of control and lowest installation cost, and they generally offer the best solution to a variety of trace heating requirements.

Heating pads and blankets or trace heating tapes and cables can be applied to the external walls of tanks, vessels, hoppers and silos for temperature maintenance or for condensation prevention.

KEMWELL install Raychem “HWAT” self-regulating trace heaters onto hot water distribution systems to provide fully adjustable maintained temperatures in the range 50oC to 60oC and can also provide automatically targeted temperatures for thermal disinfection of closed systems, an important consideration in protection against Legionella.

Our electric trace heating equipment is fully certified for use in both Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous locations, with systems
designed to suit any temperature classification. Control can be by simple mechanical thermostats sensing either the ambient
temperature or the pipe or vessel surface temperature.  Electronic thermostats are also available. All of these thermostats can be supplied fully certified for use within Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous locations.

Complete electronic control systems are designed and supplied using controllers fitted within the control panel, switched by temperature sensors on the pipelines. This offers easy local and remote monitoring, and very accurate control of the trace heating circuits.

Internal trace heating can be introduced into pipelines where it is not practical to fit external trace heaters.  This method is normally only applied to longer, uninterrupted lengths of large bore, unvalved, pipelines.

All trace heating cables and tapes installed by KEMWELL satisfy the requirements of Health and Safety at Work Act (UK) and are fully certified as complying with the requirements of BS 6351 Pt. 1: 1983.A

All design and installation is carried out to the requirements of BS 6351 Parts 2 and 3.

Benefits of Electric Trace Heating include the following:

More reliable than other systems
Lower installation cost
More efficient in operation
No additional heat losses such as found in steam/condensate systems or jacketed systems
Low or no maintenance costs
Extremely reliable
Closer temperature control than steam
Heat produced only at the point of application

On the following pages we outline some typical industries and a number of applications where Electric Surface Heating and or Insulation has been installed by KEMWELL.

Examples of jobs successfully carried out within the following categories:


Shopping Precincts





Post Offices
DHSS Buildings



Fabrication Companies
Engineering Companies
Chemical Plants
Process Plants
Process Equipment



Listed Buildings


 Waste Water Treatment Works
Sewage Treatment
Effluent Treatment Plant

Industries and Applications for Electric Surface Heating:

Construction and Building :

Chilled water lines frost protection
Exposed LTHW lines frost protection
Exposed cold water services frost protection
Gutter and roof heating
Ramp and inclined roadway heating
Sprinkler systems frost protection
Hot water services temperature maintenance

Chemical and Petrochemical Plant:
Temp maintenance of process lines
Temp maintenance on process vessels
Prevention of caustic solution crystallisation
Frost protection of water services
Safety shower frost protection
Pre-heating reactor lines
Instrument and impulse line heating
Acid crystallisation prevention

Power Generation:

Heavy fuel oil line heating
Precipitator heating
Water treatment plant frost protection
Caustic solution, (NaOH), heating
Liquid sulphur temperature maintenance

Quarrying and Roadstone:

Bitumen line trace heating
Oxidised bitumen line trace heating
Pitch line trace heating
Dust suppression pipework frost protection
Bitumen hopper heating

Transport :

Road tanker heating
Intermediate bulk container, (IBC), tank heating
Heating of tanker outlets

Food Industry :

Edible oil temperature maintenance
Fats and lards heating
Syrup and liquid sugars heating
Storage tanks temperature maintenance
Condensation prevention in flour silos
Chocolate lines and vats heating

Water and Sewage Treatment Plants :

Frost protection of water lines
Temperature maintenance in sludge lines
Dosing system trace heating
Digester tanks heating
Safety showers frost protection

General Manufacturing:

Heating varnish and resin lines
Melting wax
Heating presses
Hot-Boxes for pumps etc.

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